Joy's niece and great niece

Joy’s niece and great niece

Our niece has a baby and was looking for a way to generate some income without leaving the house. So she went to a website we’d never heard of,, and bought a business for $365. She’s already $100 ahead.

It’s called, and it sells specialty plant holders for herb gardens. The website was created using the Shopify service, so it’s easy to alter. The seller was from Germany and the products ship from Italy. She sells products in Euros but the manufacturer uses British pounds. How’s that for global?

Besides websites, sells apps and web addresses. For instance, you might already have a business and need the perfect web address but find it’s been taken. In that case, you can often buy the address or “domain” you want.

If you buy a website, the business generally comes with it. Some are relatively expensive., an ebook publisher, sold recently for $7,500. Our niece says buying sites is addictive and she’s considering buying some more. Regular businesses, like a car wash or a restaurant, are often listed for sale in the newspaper.

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