Misfit flashThe oddly-named “Misfit Shine,” our favorite fitness tracker, will be out in October in a new version, this time for $50 instead of the original $100. It’s called the “Misfit Flash.”

Besides tracking our steps, swims and bike rides, this gadget revealed that Joy is one of the deepest sleepers on the planet, and Bob is not far behind. Where most people sleep deeply for 20 percent of bed time, our deep sleep is usually over 50 percent. (We owe our calm, blissful state to never worrying about what idiocy the government is up to now.)

The Flash, like the Shine, is a little larger than a quarter. It can go in a pocket, a wristband, or your sock. Joy is desperately looking forward to the arrival of the Flash, so she can stop sharing with Bob, who has taken a shine to her “Shine.” You can pre-order the Flash on the web, or find it in stores in October. Unlike the earlier model, you can tap the Flash to see how close you are in percentage terms to your fitness goal. However, you’ll still want to sync it with a phone or tablet to get details.

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