video chat“Glide” is like Skype video calling but with a twist. When you tap “record,” you’re streaming live video, whether or not there’s anyone waiting at the other end. Videos can be up to five minutes and the service is free.

All videos are stored in the cloud, and can be viewed later. That way, they don’t take up any space on your phone.  You can use Wi-Fi instead of a cellular connection, which saves data charges, and you can store as many videos in the cloud as you wish. Videos can be sent to a group, by tapping the names among your contacts who also use Glide.

We tried it out with our niece. From our end, we were a bit embarrassed when she said we sent her “butt shots.” She was kidding; what we had done accidently was send videos of our thumb partially covering the lens. Glide recently added a preview option for those like us who would rather review a video before sending it. Lots more info at

2 Responses to “GLIDE ON”

  1. Is there any reason for caution because the website has a Montenegro domain?

  2. We can’t see any reason for concern. Around 71 percent of owners of a website with a .me ending are American. The second most common owners are Dutch.