snow white in disney cafeteria

Snow White in the Disney cafeteria is a door into a fascinating trove of trivia, but unfortunately it is so junked up to look cool, that it’s almost impossible to get to the best stuff. Better to do a web search on “Slightly Warped Curiosity.” Then you get to select from their main categories, which on the web site itself are lost in the whiplash of competing graphics.

In Photos, check out Hillary Clinton as she looked back in her “babe” phase; then a young Russian woman who flew 980 night bombing raids in World War II; or Snow White in the employee cafeteria line at Disneyland. In the maps section (Bob’s favorite), find out what the Chinese names for European countries mean in English. (England’s Chinese name, for example, means “Braveland.” Italy means “Big Profit.”)

–“List of books by…” Put in an author’s name after “List of books by” and Google shows a row of books by that author, complete with their colorful book jackets. Underneath each one are links to reviews and places to buy. When Bob typed “List of books by Jack Vance,” there were some he’d never heard of, and he’s a real fan.

Search “list of albums by … “ and you get the list of the artist’s albums and the jacket art. (Album art is itself an interesting and collectible category by itself.)

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