Leap MotionIt may be possible to put together an automatic sign-language reader.  Put on a necklace that senses hand motions and translates them into sign language and displays the words in text on your phone.

The necklace uses “Leap Motion” technology. “Leap Motion” is also a very small $80 box that registers and interprets gestures. It measures about three inches long, an inch wide and a half-inch thick. That’s pretty small. Two cameras and a motion sensor detect what’s going on either with your hands or anything else moving in front of it.

So if you’re watching anything, you can wave your hands, wiggle your fingers, make a fist, etc., to make the computer react and do things; it’s all about control. At least that is the promise. So far users describing their experiences with the box have given it mixed reviews to say the least. One noted that the device couldn’t even tell how many fingers he was showing. There is obviously promise here, and you see such futuristic control displayed in movies and television. A lot of work needs to be done and some of you may want to experiment. This is an open field.

The Portuguese designers of the sign language translator are competing in the “TEDx Youth Competition” in Sydney.

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