3d printing at asdaHere’s the future calling: Windows 8.1 is already set up for the day when we will all have 3D printers sitting on our desk. You know, those devices that will make almost any object you select or design. Some of these printers are around $1,300 now, only a fraction of what laser printers cost back when they were new. Make your own bobble-head.

You’ll still need 3D software to design your object but the software won’t care what kind of printer you have. As explained in, it will be just like when you get a new ink jet printer: Microsoft Word doesn’t need to know about the new device. It still uses the print command.

Here’s the rub, as Bill Shakespeare might say: your 3D printer will need to support Windows 8.1. As yet, none do. But that won’t take long.

While we’re on the 3D topic, did you know it’s now available in grocery stores? At least one grocery store: the British grocery store ASDA. A wand that looks like an iron is waved over your body. A few minutes later, there’s a tiny ceramic replica of you. It costs around $64.

More 3D printers are coming to the Tesco chain and Selfridges in England, and UPS stores in the U.S. Staples office supply stores started selling them in April. A few libraries are installing them as well. The future is pressing ahead.


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