HOLIDAY GREETINGS is a free site for making digital scrapbooks and greetings. What makes it different from a lot of other greeting card or scrapbook programs is the ability to drop in YouTube videos as well as photos from Instagram, Google and Flickr.

Buncee was created when the founder, a woman who lost her first child to a rare disease, wanted to thank 250 people who had attended a medical research conference. She wanted to include conference photos with a thank you message, but she didn’t want to use Microsoft’s Powerpoint or an online greeting card service. So she created Buncee.

It takes some fiddling to get used to Buncee. When you add text, there’s a tiny “edit” tab to click and it’s hard to see. And moving pictures around is awkward at first.

The only other downside occurred when we created two-page scrapbooks instead of one-page greetings. (Two pages are free; adding more requires a paid account.) Only one of our recipients guessed that there was a page two. The others stayed on page one. The Buncee pages don’t automatically turn the way a Powerpoint slideshow does. That meant our friends didn’t see the hilarious YouTube video of a woman who wanted all “Deer Crossing” signs moved away from high traffic locations, where the signs told them to cross.

When you’re finished with a Buncee, you get a link to your creation to share in an email. You can also turn it into an online invitation, complete with RSVPs and a list of respondents. If you make your Buncees public, others can comment on them. The paid version, $7 a month, adds the ability to save your creations as PDFs, so you can print them out and snail-mail them. Paid users can also add voiceovers. For teachers, there’s a $10 a month version for keeping track of 30 student accounts and posting assignments.

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