PC Magazine recently listed the 100 best iPad apps in a multitude of categories. We like the ones listed under “entertainment.” You can find it on their web site: PCMag.comcrackle.

Among them is “Crackle,” “Fanhattan” and “IntoNow.” Crackle has free movies from Sony. “Fanhattan” emails you when any movie or show on your watch list becomes available on one of the services you indicate, such as Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, Crackle and others. Unfortunately, due to licensing restrictions, some programs are blocked. “IntoNow,” which also works on Android phones and tablets, listens to what you’re watching on TV and takes note of it. The name of the show pops up on your phone and you can join a discussion about it.

For music, “Shazam” identifies the song you’re listening to. We pointed our iPod Touch toward our computer, which was playing Kreisler’s Praeludium and Allegro in the style of Pugnani and it was instantly identified.  “Vevo” streams music videos, and adds trivia, interviews and the ability to build playlists of your favorites.

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