newsletterDocuments in “PDF” format normally can’t be edited. The whole point of the format is to save a file – be it a letter or a magazine – as it originally looked. But sometimes the PDF is a long boring document and you only want a couple of pages.

So, “PDF Page Delete” is a free program from PDFzilla.com. Wow, is it easy to use. Open up Windows Explorer (File Explorer in Windows 8) and choose the PDF you want to trim. Or if you’ve just downloaded a PDF, hold down the “Ctrl” and “J” keys to jump to its download location and click “show in folder.” Then drag the little icon for that file into PDF Delete and choose the pages you want to remove. It’s automatically saved under a new name, so the original isn’t altered.

What’s really nice is the program doesn’t have any adware or gimmicks. It does this one thing and that’s it.

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