pogo connectIf you’re an artist, or like the game “Draw Something,” chances are you’re using a stylus, a special pen that makes it easier to draw on the iPad (though you could draw with a finger). Frankly, most of these styluses seem the same to us. But the “Pogo Connect Paint Brush” is something different. It looks and acts like a brush, only it’s digital.

If you do a search for “Pogo Connect Paint Brush” on YouTube, you can see it in action on an iPad. There are various tips to connect to the basic stylus and all are pressure sensitive: pressing harder releases more digital paint. The basic pen is $80 from, and you can add extra tips at $10 each.

Another option is the $99 “Intuos Creative Stylus” from Wacom, a leading maker of drawing pads and apps for the iPad. It has 2048 pressure levels, but doesn’t have that brush effect.

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