wixWe heard from a church secretary whose job it is to create a website. She doesn’t know how to do that and wondered if we’re sticking with our previous recommendation, Yola.com. We’re re-thinking that.

Incredible to us, Bob’s brainy friend – a graduate of Oxford, no less — found Yola hard to figure out. This is a guy who liked to write to his parents in Greek– and not just any Greek but a satirical version of Cicero’s style in Greek. “It amuses them so,” he said.

Thinking of his difficulties with Yola, we took a closer look at Wix.com, one of our other recommendations. It looks especially good for nonprofits, churches and small business.

Start by creating a free account. Then click to create a website. Choose a template. Off to the left there’s a category called “Religion and Nonprofit.” Click “Edit this website” and replace their words with yours. You might want to use their free pictures. Click “preview” to see how it will look on the web. There’s a tutorial video that comes on automatically.

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