,Plants vs Zombie 2Our favorite six year-old will thrust out his arms, walk toward you and say, “Brains, they’re coming.” It’s a reference to the game “Plants Versus Zombies,” now out in version 2.

It’s a very popular game and the way it goes is you nourish a garden full of pea shooters and angry flowers in a war against relentless zombies who march over the garden eating everything in sight until they’re zapped several times. The first version was a runaway hit for children and adults. The second version, for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad 2 and above, is generating lots of criticism. The game play is excellent, the method of payment smells.

Though the company claims the majority of game action is free, and the game itself is a free download, people are up in arms at the way the company is selling pieces you need to play. Premium plants cost $3 or $4 each.  You could buy 20 apps for the cost of completing your plant arsenal, one user complained. Much of this was free in the original game, so many fans feel cheated. Sixteen million people have downloaded the app. And have generated a zombie wave of people saying it’s Electronic Arts, the owner, that needs brains. We figure it’s the work of crazed MBAs.

A slightly different version is coming out soon to Microsoft’s new XBox One, which also isn’t out. (High tech news is full of stories about products that don’t exist.) In this future version, a “Boss Mode” lets you control hordes of zombies bent on world domination. To conquer the world, we may be willing to pay something.


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