art rage gallery imageArtRage 4 is the latest version of a program hardly any writers cover anymore Too bad, because it’s a good one. It’s been around for several years, so why talk about it now? Well, the new version is really cheap. It’s $5 for the iPad, $2 for the iPhone, and $50 for a Windows computer.

This is a professional level program, not the very best you can get, but plenty of power and you can do a lot with it. If you go to ArtRage.com and click “galleries,” you’ll see some nice examples of paintings and drawings created with the program.

ArtRage 4 comes with painting tools, sketching tools and special effects. The “Sticker Spray” sprays flocks of birds, piles of gold, dense forests and other images for example. The “Gloop Pen” adds thought bubbles, fuzzy clouds and expanding wet strokes. The cloner copies colors and strokes that are already on the canvas. “Glitter Tube” adds sparkly, metallic particles. Saves lots of time.

You can download a free trial for Windows or Mac by clicking “Demos” at ArtRage.com. If it’s more than you want to deal with, try the iOS/Android app “Draw Something.” It’s a lot simpler, though you can’t do much with it.

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