GmailIt seems like every Tom, Dick and Harry we know, including Joy’s nephews, have switched to Gmail. In fact, we read that Gmail beat out Microsoft’s Hotmail to become the world’s largest email provider last year. So here are a few tips for Gmail users.

In Gmail, you can do a take-back if you have hastily sent off an angry or typo-ridden email. You have 30 seconds to click “Undo Send,” and the email will come back, ready to be deleted or changed.  Unfortunately, this option isn’t there by default. To activate it, click the picture of a gear and then “Settings.” Click “Lab” and scroll down till you see “Undo Send.” There are a lot of other options in the “Lab,” which is an experimental area of Gmail, and you may want others as well. For instance, we use “Inserting Images,” which lets you insert a picture in the body of an email, an alternative to attaching it.

The most common fear about switching is that you will no longer get messages sent to your old email address. Worry not. You can have mail sent to other accounts automatically appear in your new Gmail account. To make sure of this, go to “Settings,” choose “Accounts,” then click “Add an email address you own.”

Finally, note that Gmail automatically characterizes email into categories, such as “Primary,” “Social,” “Updates” and “Promotions.” This is a useful way to skip unimportant emails to categories you don’t often check, or need to.

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