TruEmbroidery example-TROPICAL SCENESo we’ve been reading about teenagers who personalize their outfits with Sharpies, duct tape and fabric paint. How about embroidery? If you’ve got the right sewing machine and a computer, you can go where no duct tape has ever gone before.

TruEmbroidery is a $2299 program for Mac only and it could be called the Photoshop of embroidery software. A web search turned up lot of other embroidery programs for less than $100 but we had to admit they were more limited.

TruEmbroidery lets you personalize hundreds of designs and see them through your favorite hoop. It uses colors that match the kind of thread you can buy. We like the vintage photo effects. You can see how it works on YouTube.

This and some other programs don’t just print out patterns but can control sewing machines that accept computer input and do the whole design automatically. You’ve probably seen this kind of thing at work if you buy one of those personalized baseball caps for tourists.

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