freekabcerThe top three sites for freelance jobs are oDesk, Elance and Elance and oDesk both claim to be the biggest. (Who knows?) Freelancer boasts seven million registered workers.

We listed a job on Elance, saying we wanted someone to fix a problem on our web site. Esther Rosie of England, responded and not only fixed our problem but did some additional work for free. Nick Ker, an American, fixed a different problem almost as soon as we had stated it, and charged $50. You can limit your search to U.S. workers or open it to the world.

For writers, hires “subject experts” to write press releases, video scripts, blogs, Facebook posts and website content. The site gets rave reviews from company CEOs, who say that the writing quality is much better than they get elsewhere. The site has 80,000 writers and 1000 paying customers.

In general, a freelancer who is chosen for a job and delivers good work is usually called again on a regular basis. You build up a clientele and it can be a nice income.


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  1. Hey Bob, Joy,

    Places like, etc offer a platform from where you can choose a subject matter expert.

    Apart from such platform small companies like ours also offer virtual assistants at a very affordable rate sans the commisions of the above mentioned platform as you are directly in touch with the expert without any mediator.