BUYCOTT (boycott) APP

palm oil campaignBuycott is an Android and iPhone app for finding the company behind a product you’re buying. We scanned the barcode on a bottle of “Pom Wonderful” pomegranate juice  and saw that the parent company, Roll International, also owns Paramount Farms, which owns a lot of nut companies. Pom Wonderful owns Fiji Water, and many other companies. 

The app has a “campaigns” tab, allowing you to join a campaign to boycott a company to try to get them to change their ways. None of the products we scanned, including Sparkle paper towels and McCormick chili powder, had campaigns against them. You can see the active campaigns at There’s one to stop governmental snooping and another to halt the use of aspartame in food, and a third to stop the use of palm oil, since palm oil plantations are linked to the death of elephants in Indonesia.

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