A new product still a bit down the road is a cell phone case that charges your phone by shaking or just walking around. This will be one of those cases where every little movement has a meaning all its own.

The working title is “Infinity Cell” and of course the method of operation is being kept secret. But just so you can seem in the know at parties and lunches, there are a few ways you can do this:

The most direct one is through magnetic induction. Any moving conductor (wire, for example) that passed through a magnetic field generates an electric current. The reverse is also true. So, a tiny magnet moving back and forth through a coil of wire as you walk, will generate a small amount of electricity which can be used to eventually recharge your battery. Another way is with a weight and a ratchet, probably not practical in this situation. The proposed Infinity Cell is projected to give you a 20 percent charge from 30 minutes of shaking or a full charge after three-hours. If that sounds like a whole lot of shaking going on, it is. But over the course of the day you should be able to get a usable charge for your phone just by walking around. Depends on your action, of course.

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