If you surf the web with Google Chrome, you may notice that typing the first few letters of a website you’ve recently visited brings up the rest. Now Mozilla’s Firefox does the same thing. They call it the “Awesome Bar.”

The Awesome Bar finds bookmarks, open tabs and brings up your browsing history faster than ever. Search for  “4 Shortcuts to find things fast in Firefox” for some great tips. For example, type “dict” before a word in the search bar and it automatically displays the definition. We typed “dict knout” and discovered that a knout is a whip with leather thongs. Pretty useful.

You can also get Firefox for free on your Android phone. We started with the Internet browser that came on our phone, and then switched to “Dolphin” and finally to Chrome. But Firefox has some advantages over all of those. For one thing, you can’t use Chrome on a phone if your phone doesn’t have the latest tasty Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean operating system. But you can use Firefox. Firefox also syncs all your bookmarks, so you see the same thing on your phone that you do on your computer. (“Sync” is the new word for “synchronize,” not the kitchen sync.)


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