According to Leichtman Research Group, seventy-five percent of U.S. households now have high definition TV, compared with only 23 percent in 2008. More than half of households have more than one such TV. Six percent of households have 3D TV, but 59 percent of those households have never bothered to watch any three dimensional content. (What the heck, they just wanted the latest stuff.)

We’re not surprised at the surge in users. After buying a new HDTV for the living room, we picked up a small, 19-inch Samsung LED for $178. Its picture is one of the clearest we’ve seen; small sets seem to have sharper pictures. It doesn’t have any “smart apps” for social networking and Internet news, so maybe that’s why it was so cheap. But we didn’t want the apps anyway. Reading a user’s comment about how happy they were with theirs in the kitchen, we thought we’d add that energy consumption is only $5 a year.



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