We can’t think of any reason to recommend the new Jitterbug Touch smart phone. If you want an easy-to-use senior phone, get the old one with the big buttons. It had its design hat on straight.

The new Jitterbug Touch is a smart-phone, much like all the other smart phones on the market but not as good.  It’s a $149 Android phone, with a slide-out keyboard, which is okay, but the text on web pages is so tiny Bob couldn’t make it out and Joy had to squint. You can’t expand it by spreading your fingers, as you can on an iPhone or Android phone.

We understand where the Jitterbug marketing people are coming from and we probably could recite the dialogues that must have taken place: You know, Figby, we have to be in this new market, etc.” Most visitors to a phone website will be interested in smart-phones. But it makes more sense to buy a good one and download the Jitterbug apps.

Jitterbug is known for its  “Live Nurse” app, “check-in” calls, medication reminders, and “5 Star Urgent Response” for emergency situations. It saved us a lot of trouble one time when we were lost driving in a heavy rain inSan Diego. (Who knew it rains inSan Diego?)

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