One of our readers told us he just bought his first cell phone, after decades without.

He went right past the cheap drug store phones and straight into smart phone territory. The deals right now make it worthwhile. He got a $259 Android smart phone  he’s mainly using for Google maps and the Web, paying only $19 a month to Republic Wireless.

Virgin Mobile offers Apple’s iPhone 4 on a no-contract plan. It’s $35 a month for unlimited text and Internet and 300 minutes of talk. But as with all such plans, you have to buy the phone, which in this case is $350.

Our newly-savvy reader said he is already thinking of dumping the phone he got from Republic Wireless and getting something better, but he’s looking at other no-contract Android phones, maybe the new Samsung Galaxy. Samsung has sold 100 million of these Galaxy phones since they were introduced in 2010, by the way, and are currently selling 200,000 of their top of the line S3 model, every day. (We bought one a week ago.)

One Response to “DUMB PHONE DONE GONE”

  1. Your reader should have bought the Republic Wireless Moto X – they were selling remaining inventory of the DEFY which is what your reader bought – while it was $99, in the smartphone world you get what you pay for … We’ve been using the Moto X since Nov – far superior experience over DEFY.