If you make YouTube videos, podcasts, radio or TV programs, you’ve probably looked for music to go with the action. We ran into this problem when we did a podcast on BlogTalkRadio a couple years ago. It’s illegal to use copyrighted music without paying for it.

The best site we’ve seen recently for buying music is the new For corporate meetings, presentations, and strictly internal business use, the price is $30 a year for all the music you want, though a few special selections are off-limits except to premium subscribers. It’s $50 for YouTube or Internet use, and $75 a year for use in a theater production. The guy who founded Stereobot also founded SoundSnap, which has 700,000 customers, including Disney, the BBC, Pixar and Zynga.

Another source for background music is With their 99 cent iPhone app, you get five royalty free music selections, and you can buy more, three for 99 cents or six for $2.

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