Windows 8 comes out this month and all in all it looks great for tablet users; for computer users, not so much. The new operating system is only $15 if you recently bought a Windows 7 computer or $40 if you didn’t. That’s certainly reasonable for a new operating system, but even so, should you bother?

The anti-virus maker, iobit, polled 50,000 early Win 8 users and this is what they got: Overall, most said the new operating system is great on touch tablets but annoying on regular computers. A majority of users (53 percent) said they still prefer Windows 7.  Of the rest, only 25 percent said they like Windows 8. That’s little more than the 20 percent who prefer staying with Windows XP.

Only 22% of users like the new Windows 8 user interface, which shows a bunch of large colored squares with words like “Photos” or “Video“ inside. The majority (56 percent) said the best part of Windows 8 is the fast boot-up and shut-down. (Joy does yoga while waiting for her Windows 7 system to boot. Bob just leaves his XP turned on.) Thirty percent of testers liked the new Internet Explorer 10 web browser.

On the plus side, the new Windows tablet computer, “Surface,” designed to compete with Apple and Samsung’s tablets, looks to be a winner. There is little doubt that the Windows 8 operating system was written with the new tablet in mind.

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