ONLINE TRAINING Training Video on Photoshop Elements (from YouTube)

YouTube is a great source for free online training, but sometimes it’s not enough.

A reader asked us to find a book to help him upload videos to YouTube in the right format, with the right play options, etc. The latest books we saw on the subject were written in 2009– ancient times in the computer world. So we turned to, our favorite source for online training.

Lynda tutorials aren’t cheap but they’re worth it. For instance, you can do a one-month subscription for $25 and take as many tutorials as you want. They had YouTube user instruction and a lot more. You can also find Lynda tutorials for free on YouTube, and it helps to start at their channel and browse the categories at the top of the screen.

At, be sure to search with the word “Beginner” if you want to stay clear of professional-level courses.

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