ONLINE START-UPS is a new crowd-sourcing site, like the better known Kickstarter. It collects investments from individuals who kick in for the manufacture of some product they think should be made or a cause that should be helped. Unlike Kickstarter, however, each investor gets a share in the company or project they invest in.

FundersClub has already closed a couple deals. Members put over $628,000 in Virool, a new business aimed at connecting video creators with targeted audiences. Members also invested half a million in FundersClub itself. Still open to investments is “Sponsorfied,” a dreadful made-up word that seems to be aimed at getting product or company sponsorship for sports stadiums and similar visible venues. (Why not have sponsored individual homes? “Hi, we live in the Cheerios house round the corner.”)

Their “Coinbase,” investment startup is like PayPal but uses “bitcoins,” a virtual currency. “Hiptype” applies Google Analytics to e-books. The minimum investment is one thousand dollars.

FundersClub was created by Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal, and Sean Parker, whom you might remember from the movie portrayal in “The Social Network.” Parker founded Napster, and was the first president of Facebook. Thiel recently cashed out a $500,000 investment in FaceBook, for a profit of half a billion. (How come financial advisers never advise their clients to buy into one of those deals?)

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