“Aquabotix HyrdoView” is a small $4,000 remote-controlled underwater camera that beams a live view back to your iPad or smart phone. You also control it with that iPad or phone.

 The HydroView robot has three propellers for mobility and you can swing it around just by turning your phone, tablet or laptop. It weighs eight pounds and measures roughly 15x19x7 inches. A box placed on the surface produces the WiFi signal that is received by your controller.

 The robot camera is not radio controlled. It is tethered by an electrical cable to a box on the surface and all commands go through that cable. Depth is limited to about 150 feet and range is limited by the length of the cable. The standard cable is 75 feet but you can buy a 150 or 300 foot cable.

 The video isn’t the greatest quality, but it’s clear enough to make things out. It would be good for divers who want to see what’s down there before taking the plunge. You can of course also see what’s down there without being a diver. The camera can collect data on water conditions.

 At $4000 from the company’s web site, this thing is not cheap. Still, it’s around half of what you would pay for a larger underwater robot. Of course the depth and range are much more limited than expensive robots. You can watch it in action on YouTube by searching on “HydroView” or on their website at

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