It turns out that buying a Mac or iPad at an online store like Amazon, MacMall or MacConnection, is often cheaper than buying one at an Apple store.

That struck us as pretty odd because of the way Apple closely controls it’s pricing, But a deal’s a deal, and we’re not going to knock it. Next question: Should you wait for a later version or go for it now? helps you decide. Click on “When to Buy a Mac” to get the results of three years worth of price research. (They also sell refurbished MacBooks.)

DealNews found that MacBook Pros experienced a substantial drop in price, as did other Apple products, not long after their introduction. The latest MacBook Pro came out in October and saw discounts of up to $300 three months later. Prices went frrom $1799 to $1499.

Here’s their general Apple buying advice; with prices depending on memory sizes:


  • The MacBook Air:  Wait a couple days when a new one comes out and save $49; wait three months and save $299.
  • IPad, wait two months, save $49. Wait 12 months, save $139.
  • IPhone: Wait 11 days, save $39.

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