SpeedyFox 2 for Windows or Mac is a free program from CrystalIdea.com and it’s a barn burner. It speeds up your web surfing, whether you use Firefox, Chrome or Safari. (It does not work with Internet Explorer yet.)

This freebie works especially well with Firefox, which is third most popular web browser. (As of January, this year: Internet Explorer has a 39 percent share, Google Chrome 27 percent, and Firefox 25 percent.) Before running the program, Firefox took a full 30 seconds to boot up after Bob clicked the Firefox icon on his desktop. After installing SpeedyFox, Firefox came up in four seconds. Joy’s Chrome boot-up is much faster too now. And websites now come in real quick.

The CrystalIdea folks say that Firefox is the most feature-rich of the browsers, but after a while, it slows down, due to the “fragmentation of databases.” There’s no need to figure out what that means and it wouldn’t help anyway. The good news is the thing works.

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