Adding more RAM (random access memory) to a computer always speeds things up. Of course you have to pay for that extra memory, though these days it’s not much. A move that’s free is done regularly by people who manage systems for most companies, it’s called defragging.

Over time, the programs you use and the data you enter into those programs becomes scattered across the hard drive. When you want it, the computer has to go pick up the pieces, so to speak, and glue them back together. It takes time. Smart Defrag is a free program from that cleans up loose ends and makes the pickup job fast and easy.

You can use the built-in defrag program in Windows 7, though it doesn’t give you a picture of how defragmented your drive is, and the cleanup isn’t as good, according to our favorite tech expert. Smart Defrag showed Joy her hard drive and it was a sea of red, with pieces of data scattered everywhere. After running Smart Defrag, the pickup in speed was quite noticeable. It takes a while the first time it runs, but you can keep working on the computer. After the first cleanup, subsequent ones are quick. We’ve scheduled Smart Defrag to run every day at dinner time.


  1. I used this Smart Defrag this past week to defrag my slow computer. Now I can’t get into my Microsoft Money or my banks. It won’t allow me to type in my user id’s or passwords. What happened ??

  2. So sorry this happened. Did you download Smart Defrag from You may want to uninstall the version you have and get it from Iobit rather than or some other source, which may not be the real deal.

    We’ll ask our favorite tech guru about this. You’re the first one to have this problem.

  3. Here’s what Kenny S had to say:

    “Disk defrag only defrags the disk.. so I don’t understand what it has to do with microsoft money…”

    We recommend He’s the best tech guru we’ve found and has very reasonable prices.

  4. Is there a free defragging download for an Apple ibook G4?

  5. Here’s a great article on the topic. In summary, you probably don’t need to worry about it.