Nano Watch

— Motorola has a new smart watch with enough features to keep a fitness buff humming. The “MotoACTV” is a GPS plus music player wrist watch that figures out which songs make you exercise harder and plays those more often. It does its figuring by monitoring your heart rate. It  tells you how many calories you burned and your average workout pace. It uses Bluetooth to talk to you through a headset. It can also broadcast FM radio. It’s $250 for the 8 gigabyte version.

— You can turn an Apple “Nano” music player into a wristwatch just by adding a strap. We saw some at Amazon for $23. They even had leather ones. If you use a leather strap and fix the Nano face to show the time, it looks like a regular wrist watch. To keep the clock face on top, go into the Nano’s settings, choose the clock app and choose the setting that puts the clock up front when the Nano wakes up from its sleep mode. Voila, it’s a wristwatch.  We just ordered one. See also the TikTok watchband at the Apple store.

— Another way to go is the “Striiv” pedometer, $99 from Striiv.com. Anyone who thought a pedometer was just for counting steps hasn’t seen this thing.  It has games to encourage you to walk past the 4900-step American daily average. You also earn points you can spend creating a virtual enchanted island on their web site. The more you walk, the more money the company donates to saving trees in the rain forest or polio vaccines.

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