“Smart watches” are the new, new thing. The “I’m  Watch” is a smart watch that communicates with your iPhone, Android Phone, or Blackberry.  It looks like a very bulky wrist watch. (Dick Tracy didn’t seem to mind wearing his.) The device alerts you when new Gmail, Facebook or Twitter messages come in. It also lets you play music, watch videos or take calls, without fumbling for your phone.

The email messages coming in on the watch, however, are read-only. Answer them with your smart phone.The “I’m Watch” sells for $350 from an Italian company of the same name.

— Sony’s “SmartWatch,” appears to be a similar device, scheduled to come out in March; pricing not yet determined. It will communicate with an Android smartphone through the Bluetooth short range wireless system. It too lets you take calls, see email, or play music and games. Don’t dunk it in water, but it’s OK if it gets a little wet. The display is 1.3 inches and like the “I’m Watch,” it looks bulky on slender wrists.

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