Viber is a competitor to Skype and one we’d never heard of till last week. But we woke up and found that 50 million people are already using it and it’s only a year old.

Viber is a free app for Android and iPhone. It lets you make free phone calls and send free text messages over WiFi or 3G networks. It has a couple of advantages over Skype, the current leader in free phone calling. For one, you don’t have to remember your friends’ IDs. Their current phone number is their ID. Just call it. If they are also signed up with Viber, your call is free through a WiFi network. If you bought an “unlocked” phone and therefore aren’t committed to any service provider, you don’t pay the usual data charges.

The service looks through your phone’s contact list and shows which of your friends are Viber users. It works with Android and iPhones, and a BlackBerry version is due later. With the Android version, you can make a Viber call without opening the app, just by using your contact list. The call quality is excellent.

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