We could name all the rock stars who’ve been raving about a new high tech guitar carrying the fabled Gibson name. Unfortunately for their advertising, we had never heard of the rock stars.

What we were more impressed with were its features. The Firebird X guitar tunes itself. It has Bluetooth pedals so wires don’t get in the way. It has onboard special effects to create a variety of tones. It can sound like an electric guitar or an acoustic guitar, for example. The battery lasts for two hours before it needs recharging, but can be swapped out for a fresh one in seconds. All this jazz is expensive; the Firebird X is $4000 at Amazon.

Another high-tech option is the $400 Fretlight from Fretlight.com. Lights tell you where to put your fingers as you play a song. We found it too difficult for us, but dedicated guitarists may enjoy it.

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