When our AT&T digital video recorder failed again to give us a list of recorded shows, we turned to the Internet.  This doesn’t always work, since the Internet doesn’t have everything, but it did have recordings from the Book TV channel and that’s what Joy was looking for.

Which shows to go ya, as some people say, there’s more than one way to skin a balky TV provider. Among other things, we’re looking at a small set-top box called the Roku LT. At $50, it’s half the price of Apple TV and offers more content. With Apple, you go to the iTunes store to get movies and TV. With Roku, you’re able to look at more than a hundred channels.  

The set-top box brings in movies from Netflix, Amazon, and HBO.  It has TV shows from Hulu Plus, social networking from Facebook, photos from Flickr, music from Pandora Radio and over a hundred other channels. True, you pay a monthly service fee for many of its channels, but even when you add them up, it’s still cheap compared to the cost of cable.

There’s a $100 version of Roku that plays high definition movies and games as well. It comes with “Angry Birds,” a game so popular we’re now seeing Angry Birds toys. More info at


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