The average cell phone user sends 41 text messages a day (That’s 41 more than we do.). Such wordy chatter can get expensive if you go over your limit, but signing up for an unlimited account is also expensive. recently reviewed five alternatives.

Kakaotalk, for the iPhone, Android and Blackberry has already been downloaded 25 million times and is CNET’s top choice. It allows you to send photos, voice notes, videos and contact info, one-to-one or in groups for free. You don’t have to register, just put in your phone number.

Google Voice is the only one of the top five that gives you a new phone number. Other texting services worth considering are Kik, LiveProfile and PingChat. Kik lets you know if your message whether your message was delivered and read. PingChat and LiveProfile lets you post to Facebook and Twitter let the whole world know what you think.

Update: The new Apple mobile operating system for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, lets you send text messages for free through iMessage.

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