We wrote about this before but it’s been a couple years and the problem is still out there.

It goes like this: Joy’s computer had once again filled up with duplicate photos. At Bob’s suggestion, she used the free program VisiPics, which quickly found thousands of duplicates and freed up several gigabytes of storage.

As it finds duplicates, VisiPics displays thumbnails of each one in a string of images to the left of the screen. It also lists their file size, which is a clue to the picture’s resolution — the bigger the file, the higher the resolution. You can click on any image to delete it. You can also choose an “auto delete” setting. It will then only delete exact duplicates, choosing pictures with lower resolution than the original. This is quick and handy.

If you have a Mac, Duplicate Image Detector and dupeGuru, both from download.com, are designed to do the same kind of cleanup.

One Response to “DUPLICATE PHOTOS”

  1. A reader just wrote us to say: “Image Comparer is the best duplicate photo finder for Windows.” But it’s not free.