One of our favorite Windows commands is “Cntrl-C,” the “copy” command. This allows you to copy any text or pictures you highlighted with the mouse. A new program called “ClickTo” makes this even more powerful — and it’s free.

Using the copy command, either from the keyboard or a menu selection, will give you a whole lot of choices of where to paste what you copied. Choose the “Google” icon, and the info goes into the search box at Choose Facebook or Twitter and your item automatically becomes a post. You can also choose to move the copied item to Microsoft Word, Excel, Gmail, Evernote, Google Translate and a dozen others.

The destinations you use most often appear on-screen above the item you copied. If you choose email, ClickTo opens your email program, slugs in the copied item and fills in the subject line with the file name or first few words.

One of the neatest choices is Google Maps: If you see an address in any document or web site, highlight it and use either Control-C or the menu selection “copy.” One of the pop-up choices will be Google Maps. Clicking that brings up the map for that address. There are a few bugs to work out, we found: When we choose our own address, the map that came up was in German. The bug’s sting wasn’t fatal, though, because we then clicked “translate” and got the map in English.

This is a nice little program and you can’t beat the price. You can get ClickTo at

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