Guy KawasakiIf Facebook doesn’t feel private enough, there are other social networks out there.

— Posterous, formerly a blogging site, has reinvented itself as a social network called Posterous Spaces. Here you can share audio, video and photos just with certain circles of friends without worrying that anything travels beyond that circle. It’s at

— Another way to go is “” which claims to be a site for movers and shakers. We were a little shaken by event listings: like “International Workshop on Folk Dances of India” and a “VIP party in Abu Dhabi.” There are hundreds of special interest groups in such categories as “Finance,” “Art” “Luxury” and “Film Industry.” There were also unusual (to say the least) ads in the classified section, such as one looking for an investor to open a punk rock club. If you want an invitation to this  send us an email. We have 24 of them.

— Back to Facebook. (Who can ever get away?)Their new “smart lists” automatically groups friends from high school with you in one list, friends from work in another, and so on. You can do this manually but it saves a lot of time if you have hundreds of “friends.” This feature hasn’t rolled out to everyone yet. Another one is “subscriptions.” Decide if you want all of a friend’s updates, just the important ones, or just the ones in certain categories. Or follow a celebrity’s posts, without having to befriend them.

–Back to GooglePlus. (Apparently, a lot of people aren’t going back.) After huge publicity, public posts are down 41 percent since August, though some people are as prolific as ever. Guy Kawasaki can drive you nuts, for instance, because he does about a dozen posts a day. But they’re great.  Update: Since opening itself to the public last week, Google Plus has soared to 50 million users. No more invitations required.

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