BiznessAppsBob just got a call from a Mercedes spokesman about a new car app for the iPad. The catch is he has to go to the dealership to see it. We’re quite happy with our 11 year-old minivan, so we’re skipping the Mercedes dealer, but we were intrigued by the business use of iPad/iPhone apps.

If you have a business, you can make your own iPhone or iPad app to lure in customers without any special programming knowledge. There are tools out there that let you select items off a menu.

One we like is “Bizness Apps,” $39 a month from It has features you can add to your app automatically, like GPS “turn by turn” directions to your place of business and coupon discounts when customers check in to your store. We also found “Red Foundry,” which is free if you’re in the $99-a-year Apple developer program, or $39 a month otherwise.

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