“QR” is an industry designation for “Quick Response.” It was created many years ago by Toyota.

You see them on many things today every UPS address label, for instance. It’s a small square with a bunch of dots pushed together in sort of a mish-mash. It’s actually a kind of barcode, but you have to have a special reader, like a smart-phone to read it. You also need an app to read the code, but they’re free.

Businesses often use QR codes to offer extras to smartphone users, such as contests, rewards, and videos. You can also make them yourself: One clever guy put a QR code in a picture of himself on the back of his resume. When you move your smartphone over the code, the lips of the photo appear to move and you hear the guy’s voice explaining who he is and what he does. You can see it at victorpetit.fr. Click the “Curriculum viate.”

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