We stupidly questioned the quota limitations on downloading electronic books at libraries and quickly heard from every librarian in the known universe.

Some got right to the point, others approached it obliquely. But any way you cut it, the sum of it all was “It’s not our fault!”

It seems that the limit on the loan of electronic book e-books — is not set by the library but by the publishers and/or publishers’ distributors. Harper/Collins, for example only allows 26 loans on any of their e-books. Some, like Simon & Schuster, and Macmillan, will not allow any of their books to be distributed as e-books. We’re moving toward the new world, but slowly; there are shoals.

So we’re sorry for any distress and we want it to be known that we love libraries. We go to our local library at least a couple times a week and we will certainly be careful what we say to the nice librarians there.

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