JumbleMeEmail can get you in big trouble but here’s something that can help. It’s  JumbleMe.com, an email service that blocks email from being forwarded, copied, printed or read by anyone but the intended recipient.

There are a number of situations where this could save your bacon, so to speak, even if you’re a vegetarian. Employees and executives are sometimes loose with the information they send. Kids (and sometimes not just kids) have been known to send embarrassing photos that get forwarded or printed and then widely distributed. We’re sure you can think of more.

The founder of JumbleMe is a doctor who wanted to email his patients but knew he could run afoul of federal privacy laws. These can carry a fine of a million dollars. (Which is why doctors shy away from email.) Other encryption solutions get expensive, so Greg Hill invented his own, which is fully compliant with the law.

The free version lets you send 100 encrypted emails a year. It also lets you know when your emails are read, and has an add-in for Outlook and anti-virus screening. For $10 a year, you can send 500 encrypted emails.

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