“Wolfram Tones” is a free music-making app from Wolfram, maker of the high-end sophisticated calculating program “Mathematica.” You can use it from any computer or gadget that’s connected to the Internet.

A mathematical program generates music in almost any style you want. Click on jazz, rock, classical, hip hop or some other style and hit “play.” The machine then composes something on the spot. If you like it, download the results, which can be worked on further, with composition programs like “Cakewalk,” or just emailed as it stands.

Naturally we tried it right away and some of the computer generated creations sounded pretty good, especially the jazz. We tried working with some pieces by changing their tempo and choosing different instruments. Changing tempo and instruments makes a big difference.

Each creation gets its own web address, which must up the storage overhead pretty quickly. How does this work? Through Mathematica, of course; an online version uses mathematical formulas to create the music for you. Though Wolfram doesn’t allow users to copyright the tunes, we don’t see how they could stop anyone from using a computer-generated tune as a starting point for a new composition. To give it a try, go to

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