VulkanoThe new $100 “Vulkano (stet) Flow” lets you watch your TV from anywhere, as long as you’re within range of a Wi-Fi or 3G wireless source.

The device works with the Blackberry, iPhone, Android phone or tablet, PC, Mac or iPad. You can either stream your TV shows live to your device, or record them for later playback. If you go the recording route, you can only play the shows back on a computer or tablet.

The Vulkano Flow is a slim box that sits on your TV to beam your show to Timbuktu, or wherever you happen to be, similar to the Slingbox of a few years ago but much cheaper. The shows can come from cable, DVD, satellite, TiVo or generic digital video recorder (DVR).

You do not have to be anywhere near the box to see the shows on your phone or other devices. Of course, if you’re watching from afar, the person watching the same TV at home might change the channel on you. So you might have to tell them to, as the old-time radio announcers used to say: “Don’t touch that dial.” (I wonder what they meant by that.) You can get the device directly from the company’s web site,, or you can pre-order from online sources like Amazon.

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