Sony Bloggie Cam

Sony Bloggie Cam

Cisco has killed the Flip, the first of the cheap and super-easy to use video cameras. They bought it from the original maker for $590 million in 2009 and are now chucking it over the fence.

That’s too bad. The cameras worked great and we bought two of them, back in the days before Cisco took over. Cisco’s problem, we guess, is that design of the Flip made so much sense that a lot of makers have now jumped into the field. One of those is Sony, which offers the “Bloggie,” for $150 at SonyStyle.com. Looks a lot like the Flip but has better resolution and more features. It won an “editor’s choice” award from PC Magazine.

The Bloggie has a touch screen and can record four hours of high definition video. The touch screen has choice buttons, like an iPhone, which lets you move through viewing your shots and post to FaceBook, editing with Picasa, etc. Like the Flip, it has a little arm that springs out when you push a release button. Plug the arm into your computer’s USB port and the software starts up, making it easy to transfer videos and photos to your computer for editing and uploading. Some users wish it had flash, but a small flash has very limited use for a video camera. Some users complained of a weird clicking noise during playback, didn’t like the tech support and said they’d rather have the old Flip camera. Most user reviews were favorable, however.

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