One of our techie friends gave us a tip on how to load Excel files faster. Previously, she said she’s had delays of 30-60 seconds when opening Excel files in Windows 2007. “Now it’s like 20 times faster.” For the fix, go to and click “How-To.” You can find more tips for Excel users by going to:

Tips for MS Word:

— Place your cursor in front of any word in Microsoft Word and hit the “ctrl” and “delete” keys together to make that word disappear.

— If you want to delete a whole paragraph, move the cursor anywhere into the paragraph and rapidly left-click the mouse three times. That marks the paragraph. Hit “delete” to delete it, or ctrl-x to cut it out for pasting somewhere else. “Ctrl” is the lettering most often seen on keyboards for the Windows “control” key.

–The three Windows tips we use most are Ctrl-C to copy any text or picture marked by the mouse, Ctrl V to paste it somewhere else, and Ctrl-Z to undo whatever you just did and decided you didn’t like it.

Some other Windows tips:

  • Alt-Tab will switch between any open applications. For instance, you can have Word open on your screen and also want to have your email open. Switch between them by hitting the Alt-Tab keys together.
  • F1: Brings up help on any application you’re working with.
  • The Windows Key (has a wavy flag mark) plus F1 opens up the Windows Help and Support Center.

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