Sorting your email is a big step toward taming it. If you use Gmail, which about 100 million people do, there’s a new mail organizer. To get it, click the “Labs” button under “options.”

The new feature is called “Smart Labels” and it can automatically sort email into “bulk mail,” “notifications,” and “forums.” Notifications tend to be receipts for things and statements like “Your package has been shipped.” Bulk mail includes notices and often newsletters you signed up for. “Forums” are typically emails from groups you probably signed up for.

You can tweak these labels by clicking the “filters” link in Gmail. Create you own filters and labels. For example, all mail to Joy from one of her PEO woman’s organization members goes into a single folder.

Tip on how to stop spam that just won’t quit: If you keep getting spam, even after labeling it spam, you can choose a word or two from the subject line or sender, such as “credit scores” and have that mail automatically deleted.

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