Forget about the Spanish nun, “Sister Internet,” who was recently kicked out of her order for playing too many games on Facebook. Casual games are good for you and might even cure depression, according to a new study by East Carolina University’s Psychophysiology Lab and Biofeedback Clinic.

The participants in the study played non-violent puzzle games: “Bejeweled,” “Peggle” and “Bookworm Adventures,” all from  The average reduction in depression symptoms was 57%. The games had both short term (after 30 minutes of game play) and long term (after one month) effects when compared to the control group.  The university people didn’t say how many players checked into a rehab facility for game addiction once the study was over. We played “Peggle” for at least an hour every day for two years a while back, before finally quitting. On the other hand, we’re very cheery.

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