We have a friend who uses her expensive new iPhone just to make phone calls and take pictures. Like most of us, she’s never read the manual.

For a one-time cost of $50, the techs at will set up your iPhone, iPod, iTouch or iPad the way you want it and teach you tips and tricks. They do this by having you connect your phone to your computer. Then over the Internet, they control your phone while you watch. This is how you learn things like backing up files from your phone to another device, adding email accounts, getting the best wireless speed and accessing a computer from the phone. The service currently works with iPhone, iPad, and iPod and iTouch devices. In a month or two, they will add support for Android phones and tablets, and Windows 7 phones.

Our favorite tech support service,, also offers remote tech support for “i” stuff, as well as for Android phones.

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